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Stone Veneer

Evolve Stone® Veneer

stone veneer sided outdoor pizza oven
Stone veneer siding adjacent to a wood pool deck

Performance through technology

Evolve Stone is the only mortarless, color-throughout stone veneer that installs  faster and is a fraction of the weight compared to the competition. Best of all It looks and feels like real stone. There is no mortar. No hardware.  Installing Evolve Stone is as easy as installing siding and it can be installed simply with finish nails.

The secret to easy mortar-free installation is due to a proprietary combination of patented Evolve Material and advanced engineering. With Evolve Stone, the nail disappears into the stone leaving a clean, unmarred finish.

Evolve Stone offers infused color throughout, leaving cuts virtually unnoticeable. It is strong and beautifully durable so it can withstand harsh weather conditions for years of worry-free service. Evolve Stone product is UV stable and moisture impermeable, having less than 1% water retention.

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4 Exquisite Colors &
4 distinct Styles

For interior and exterior mortarless stone veneer applications, the Evolve Stone Mortarless Series provides you with an easy-to-install, versatile solution for all of your stone veneer needs. Available in four distinct styles and four exquisite colors, Evolve Stone perfectly complements home styles ranging from traditional to contemporary to everything in between!

Stone veneer color options

Evolve Stone Dune Point color
Dune Point
Evolve Stone kodiak mine color
Kodiak Mine
Evolve Stone morning aspen color
Morning Aspen
Evolve Stone phantom shadow color
Phantom Shadow

Evolve Stone Veneer Styles

Evolve Stone Capital Sky style
Capital Sky
Evolve Stone Georgetown Run style
Georgetown Run
Evolve Stone District View style
District View
Evolve Stone National True style
National True

Sills & Outside Corners

Evolve Stone offers outside corners and Sills by the box only and a box of corners has 7 linear feet (LF). A box of Sills has 25 LF.

Corners are style-specific and have varied dimensions to naturally compliment the style. Sills are universal and come in each of our 4 colors. Sills are approx. 20″ long by approx. 2 ¼” wide by approx. 2″ tall. Sills are pitched, so that water drains away from the structure.”

Evolve Stone corner material
Evolve Stone Corner
Evolve Stone sill material
Evolve Stone Sill