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Deck Railing Systems

Deck Railing Kits For Form
Style, Safety & Function

How do you know which Deck railing system is right for you?

Appearance, cost, ease of installation, and maintenance are the primary factors in selecting and installing a deck railing system.  Our pros are masters at railing installation and have installed them all. Learn about our deck and patio railing kits below.

Aluminum Deck Railing

regal ideas logo
Regal Ideas aluminum picket deck fence in white

Regal ideas

Regal Ideas patented locking system allows Regal Ideas alumnium pickets to be quickly installed without the use of bottom rail supports and fasteners. Homeowners appreciate the ease of installation, while contractors value the reduced amount of time it takes to complete the job.

Regal Ideas Aluminum Railing Colors

Regal Ideas aluminum picket deck rail in white
White (0W)
Regal Ideas aluminum picket deck rail in taupe
Taupe (TP)
Regal Ideas aluminum picket deck rail in black
Black (BL)
Regal Ideas aluminum picket deck rail in textured black
Textured Black (TB)
Regal Ideas aluminum picket deck rail in yard bronze
Yard Bronze

REgal Ideas LED Lighting System

Create that perfect outdoor living sanctuary and make your deck come alive with Regal ideas LED lighting System. The system has energy-efficient LED technology and is compatible with Regal ideas pickets and tempered glass systems.

Regal ideas won the industry’s prestigious Best of IBS Award for Most Innovative Building Product at the 2017 NAHB International Builders Show.

Regal Ideas deck with LED-lit railing system

Steel Deck Railing

Fortress Railing

Fortress Fe26 steel railing is a pre-welded, easily customized and enhanced version of traditional wrought iron railing. It brings unparalleled quality to any patio, deck or balcony. The railing provides a clean, classic appearance that is versatile for a variety of applications and surfaces. Pre-galvanized steel, nano pretreatment, e-coat and premium powder coating make it the most elegant and durable steel railing system on the market.

Key Features

Fortress Railing Colors

Fortress™ Railing – Fe26 is available in 3 premium textured finishes to provide you with even more ways to customize your railing to your own unique design. And these finishes offer more than just style, each one is engineered to withstand the elements.

Fortress Fe26 in gloss black
Gloss Black
Fortress Fe26 in antique bronze
Antique Bronze
Fortress Fe26 in black sand
Black Sand
Fortress Shield protection diagram

Fortress Railing Panels

Deck with Fortress Fe26 railing
Fortress Fe26 traditional railing panel
Fe26 Traditional Railing Panel

Fortress Fe26 Traditional Panels are available in heights 34″ and 40″ for panels with length of 69.5″ or 93.5″.  Fe26 Traditional Panels are offered in the black sand, gloss black and antique hammered bronze finish.

Fortress Fe26 adjustable railing panel
Fe26 Adjustable Railing Panel

Fortress Fe26 Adjustable Panels 34″ and 40″ heights available up to 96″ length. They are perfect for stairs or ramps with adjustability up to 40 degrees. The panels can eliminate the need for custom welding.

Steel Railing Accessories

Fortress Panel Connectors

Fortress universal bracket
Universal Bracket
Standard 90 degree angles
Fortress universal bracket angle adapter
Universal Bracket Angle Adapter
Convert Universal Bracket for horizontal & vertical adjusting up to 45°
Fortress Universal Bracket
Fascia Mount Brackets
Straight | Outside Corner | Inside Corner

Fortress Iron Posts

Fortress Fe26 rail posts
Fortress Fe26 deck railing

Fortress Post Caps

Pressed Dome Caps or flat pyramid caps are an easy way to decorate an iron post and give your project a finished look.
Fortress Railing post caps

Fortress Traditional Gate

Fortress Fe26 steel gate is available in heights of 34″ and 40″, ispre-welded and simply mounts to an existing post .
Fortress Fe26 Traditional Gate

Fortress Gate Uprights (make a gate)

Using a Fortress prefabricated Fe26 gate panel and these gate uprights, you can create a custom gate up to 48″.
Fortress Fe26 Gate Uprights

Gate Hardware Kit

Fortress Fe26 gate hardware kit
Fortress Fe26 steel deck railing accent panels

Fortress Accent Top Panels

With its innovative u-channel, Accent Top Panels simply sit on the top rail of a panel and are secured to the post with Railing Brackets. Accent Top Panels adds 5″ to overall panel height. Use Collar Brackets or Universal Brackets for installation.

Fortress Fe26 railing accent panel options

Cap Rail

Cap Rail Clips conveniently allows for a clean and smooth attachment of wood or composite rail to the top of a Fortress Fe26 Iron Railing Panel. This creates the perfect flat surface for anything from leaning to enjoy the scenery, to setting down a drink.

Fortress Fe26 cap rail clip

Cable Deck Railing

Celebrate your View

Cable deck railing collage

Why CHoose Cable Railing?

Cable railing lets you celebrate the view with slender cables and hidden fittings that virtually disappear. The clean lines and versatility of cable railing emphasize your view and exude modern quality.

The powder-coated finish and stainless-steel cable and fittings keep your rail beautifully looking and functioning for the long haul.

36 in. tall cable railing systems can be ordered to fit your needs regardless of your project layout.

cable rail post colors silver, bronze, black and white

There are four premium finish colors to choose from – Black, Dark Bronze, White and Brushed Silver

cable cutters and swage tool

What tools do I need to
install a cable railing system?

Cable railing installation is an easy do-it-yourself project. Whether you are replacing existing railing or installing cable railing on your brand new deck, there are only three tools you need. Cable cutters are about $20, a swage tool is $50 and you most likely already have a drill.

Cable railing installed on a new deck

Glass Deck Railing

create unobstructed views

frameless glass deck railing at dusk

Why CHoose Glass Railing?

Glass railing can be a great way to enjoy your view unobstructed.

Glass can also help the enjoyment of your deck by acting as a windbreak.

All glass is ¼” tempered and custom-sized.

Glass is only ordered after placement of posts and can be up to a 6 week wait.

frameless glass deck railing
framed glass deck railing

Regal Ideas Framed Glass Railing

Century Post Only Glass Railing

Appreciate your scenic views while having a functional and reliable railing system with Century Scenic Railings. Don’t compromise beauty for safety with the railing that can do both. The key element of this railing is that there is no top or bottom frame, making it sleek and elegant. Scenic railings can be applied to both glass and picket railings and come in a variety of size and style options to fit your deck or patio. These railings are DIY friendly and are super easy to install with the help of our set up guides to help save you time and money on your project.

Century Scenic post only glass railing
award winning CrystalRail frameless glass deck railing
CrystalRail frameless glass deck railing

CrystalRail® Frameless Glass railing

Nothing between you and the view!

The stunning clarity of Regal ideas White “No-Iron” Tempered Glass panels make it the obvious choice for homeowners that want a pure unobstructed view. The 10mm CrystalRail tempered glass panels are 98% free of iron which produces a crystal clear glass panel with clarity you have never seen before.

Custom Fabricated Railing

Northwest deck and patio has a network of fabrication professionals to make any rail dreams you have come true. Steel aluminum or whatever you can think up, we can make happen with a picture or description. Contact us for a Custom Fabricated Railing Consultation.
Custom fabricated deck railing