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Deck Framing

Deck Framing Materials & Fasteners

Curved deck framing

Just like every building needs a foundation, your deck frame determines the longevity and functionality of your deck.  Just about anyone with a saw and screw gun thinks they can build a deck.  However, to do it right you need the right design, materials and installation techniques.  We build decks to enjoy them, and proper framing ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your backyard oasis. 

Northwest Deck and Patio can supply all framing materials, concrete, fasteners and hardware needed.  We analyze your design and need to build a custom package of framing materials that are designed for acceptable building practices to meet or exceed local building codes. 

If you would like us to design and supply your deck framing materials get a quote.

Deck joists

Select structural lumber (Douglas Fir)

Douglas firs’ density makes it one of the strongest lumber species, with a high level of stability while its natural color striation makes it an option for a wide range of non-structural applications, both indoors and out.

Deck joist lumber Sel Str, No 1-3
Pressure treated structural hem fir

Pressure treated structural hem fir

Pressure treated for exterior ground contact use #2 Structural Hem fir with virtually no wane.

Deck Posts

Treated deck post

Pressure treated Deck Post


wood beam for deck framing

Pressure treated beams

Metal Flashing

galvanized steel flashing

This galvanized steel angle flashing is designed to provide protection from wet weather. It helps direct the flow of rainwater away from roofs, decks, and other home surfaces.

Why you need metal flashing

Joist Tape

G Tape 3040bk roll
Nichigo G Tape 3040BK Flashing Tape is a “must have” solution for deck builders around the world because of its extreme performance and simplicity. No other flashing tape performs like it. Deck joist life span is greatly increased.

Why you Need Joist Tape

framing Hardware & Connectors

post base ABU667

Post base

Wedge anchor

Wedge & Ledger Anchors

post to beam cap

Post to Beam (Post Cap)

T Bracket

T Bracket

joist hanger

Deck Joist Hangers

joist stabilizer

Deck Joist Stabilizers

L-Shaped Angle Bracket

Angle Brackets (L-Shaped Angle)

deck tension tie

Deck Tension Ties

The DTT1Z deck tension tie with the Strong Drive® SDWH TIMBER-HEX HDG screw accommodates most installation conditions regardless of the siding type or ledger thickness.

Stair Framing

deck stair stringers

One of the more difficult aspects of deck framing is the stairs. We can take all the guesswork out of that. By simply providing the exact height of the finished deck from the landing of the stairs, our deck installation professionals can design and pre-cut the stair stringers needed to build the steps. This will meet all code, safety and strength requirements and allow you to easily build your own safe and strong stairs.

If you need pre-cut stair stringers in your deck framing package, be sure to get a quote.

Steel Framing

Northwest Deck and Patio is your local dealer for steel frame packages.  The cost for steel deck framing adds about  10% to 15% above traditional wood framing however, the benefits are plenty.  The engineered frames are lighter, can span greater distances and are quite obviously fire resistant.  They also provide an extremely flat and solid foundation for your decking boards.  Installation is homeowner friendly with the right tools. 

Northwest Deck and Patio are steel frame deck installation professionals and will guide you through the design and installation process. If you are interested in a steel frame deck, get a quote.

Evolution steel deck framing